Current Exhibition

The Muse
6 September - 19 September 2019

This exhibition is student work which came out of a 9 week portrait-from-life workshop I held at the TBSSS in Term I this year, all the pieces inspired by the same model. I organised this show because I was impressed with the quality, diversity and expressive nature of the work the students produced and which I wanted to share with a broader community.

An important aspect of my teaching is to encourage students to interrogate the way in which they engage with, examine and interpret form – in this case, the head study.

Sometimes a quest for capturing a likeness can result in a piecemeal approach, attending to individual features, with the result that the integrity and energy of the whole portrait can be lost. I encourage my students to be critically conscious of what they are trying to express before they put a hand to the clay so that the process of making (which can offer all sorts of technical challenges) doesn't sabotage their expression, but rather, reinforces it; to demonstrate that by understanding where they are headed and remaining conscious of how they want to interpret the form they can avoid an approach where personal expression is an afterthought added on (more often than not unsuccessfully) at the end of the making.

The diversity of work in this exhibition is a tribute to the success the students have achieved towards this goal and to the highly personal interpretation and execution of form they have made in response to the model and I would like to congratulate them all on their work.

 Jenny Pollak

The exhibition features: Helen Alajajian, Barbara Castagna, David D’Silva, Robert Hamilton-Foster, Chantal Lawrence, Eva Lopez-Casero and Jilian Waters.