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Current Exhibition

The Director’s Choice Exhibition is a show featuring sculptures that were selected from the 2018 Annual Studio Exhibition by Chair Carol Crawford and Board Member Margo Hoekstra.

The exhibition features TBSSS students: Penny Bobbin, Mark Bortolozzi, Barbara Castagna, Bree Cribbin, Dinah Davis, David D’Silva, Sam Eller, Sue Eller, Alison Ewings, Allison Garoza, Marianne Halmos Rein, Bob Hamilton-Foster, Ian Kennedy, Dominque Lett, Gretchen Miller, Anthony Mitchell, Arielle Morris, Elena Murgia, Noriko O’Leary, Robert Pratten, Paul Rovali, Jennifer Stokes, Janne-Ann Tainsh, Martin Williams.

The winner of the 2018 Prizes were:

Director's Choice Prize: Elenga Murgia - Runaway (pictured left).

AGNSW Highly Commended Prizes: Robert Hamilton Forster - Pablo's Tears and Barbara Castagna - Grace and Acceptance.

People's Choice Prize: Anna Pedersen - Dancing Inside

Exhibition runs 23 September - 6 November
Mon - Thu:10am - 2pm, Fri: 9am - 1pm