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Upcoming Exhibition

This exhibition is a mini retrospective of my body of work – it embodies me in sculptural form.

It all started with Genesis I, seen in the exhibition in bronze from 2010 - free flowing light and air and the feeling of nurturing and support are integral to this sculpture – this sculpture was created at a time of great emotion for me, and to me conveys so much comfort and love.

Alabaster became my obsession from around 2010, with small sculptures – why alabaster? because of the quality of the stone and its translucency (or not) and also because I am attracted to the fact that it is formed in the ground as ‘eggs’ or nodules – it is my connection with the stone that gives birth to the forms. I listen to what the form is telling me, and work slowly, attentively. I enter another world when I carve - which is mostly done by hand filing and hand polishing.  I am innately connected to each sculpture.  They are part of me, and I am a part of them.

Despite the ‘faults’ in many of the alabaster sculptures, they are full of life and vitality – nothing in life is perfect, and they are more ‘real’ for this attribute. There is a blaze of light in everything.