2018 Exhibitions

Bernice Lowe: An exhibition of figurative sculptures
13 May - 10 June 2018

Bernice has been a senior teacher at Tom Bass Sculpture Studio School since 2005. 

Bernice’s artistic practice spans over twenty years. In 1989 she discovered Tom Bass and his ‘atelier’ Sculpture School in Broadway. The meeting was a pivotal moment igniting Bernice’s passion for sculpture. 

Bernice has a deep appreciation of classical sculpture; it is from this discipline that she finds inspiration for more abstract and contemporary sculptures. Rhythm, gesture and movement are dynamics expressed in Bernice’s sculptural works. Her work explores the sublime and haptic world of form and harmony, her sculptures invite the eyes and the senses in from the mundane, to stop, linger a while and to just enjoy.

Daniel Dominguez: INTER LEGARE - to choose between
25  Feb - 2 May 2018

Making sculpture, like all creative processes, comes down to two principle actions, breathing in and breathing out. When we breath in we open our senses to the wonder that surrounds us. When we breath out we let go of our senses and follow an idea through to its end. 

As in a breath these two actions operate in perfect accordance with each other and yet also operate as adverse opposites, one providing the tension that agitates the other into action.

It is the intelligence to choose between these modes, however, that ignites the spirit of creativity, fundamental to the success of all great enterprises. 

Daniel Dominguez is a figurative sculptor, modelling chiefly in clay and casting into plaster and bronze. Following a formative training under Tom Bass in the 1990s, he went on to work in the tradition of his beloved master, completing civic sculpture for community organisations across the country (for much of the last 30 years). In addition, Daniel has exhibited his bronze editions extensively through commercial galleries and is often in demand for private commissioned work, most notably portrait sculpture. 

In recent years he has also set up a drawing school, believing drawing to be the essential grammar behind the visual language of sculpture.